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Depression as a symptom. Kinesiology can help find and address the root cause.

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Stress, anxiety and depression are on the increase. In England more and more people report experiencing a common mental health problem (such as anxiety and depression) in any given week.

While most people prefer to resort to conventional medicine for alleviating symptoms of stress and anxiety, there are many who choose to take the less trodden path of availing alternative medicine or therapies that are known to cure a person holistically. Under this umbrella stress, depression and anxiety are looked at as emotional and behavioural symptoms as much as chemical imbalances.

Links between the central nervous system and the trillions of bacteria in the gut — the microbiota — are now a major focus of research, public interest and press coverage. Researchers know that the gut microbiota can produce or stimulate the production of neurotransmitters and neuroactive compounds, such as serotonin (the “happy hormone”), GABA (a calming hormone) and dopamine, and that these compounds can modulate bacterial growth. This connection is called the gut-brain axis and suggests that digestion and hormonal balance can potentially play a key role in how we react to stress and see the world and ourselves.

Systematic Kinesiology helps to harmonise the nervous system and body’s chemistry to reduce stress internally, as well as from the area of the root cause. The endocrine and digestive systems are looked at together with the emotional aspects as a possible cause of the imbalance. The kinesiology practitioner works with patients to understand their specific anxiety and where it stems from creating a relationship of cause and effect. The relief moves outwards to alleviate the symptoms. Since the body is looked at as a unified whole, adjustments made in the body and its chemistry can equally affect the mind. The benefit of availing kinesiology for treating anxiety and depression is that there isn’t any need to introduce more drugs: food supplements are tested in connection to the imbalances found to help the body get back to balance more efficiently. Emotional Stress Release techniques are used to help address negative emotions and reprogram the brain towards a more positive outlook.

If you are interested in discussing how kinesiology can help you relieve stress, anxiety and depression please get in touch.

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