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“No matter how much it gets abused, the body can restore balance. The first rule is to stop interfering with nature.”

Deepak Chopra M.D.

A balanced mind in a healthy body. You have to experience it!

Restore and maintain your own health without relying on drugs.


Get your gut healthy!

Test it, don't chance it! Reset your gut microbiome with kinesiology.

Following the 5R program:

Remove - Replace - Reinoculate - Repair - Retain

Because we are bio-individuals, a standard gut microbiome reset might not work for your specific needs. With Systematic Kinesiology we can find out which of the 5R's you actually need and how to address them with the correct supplements and treatment, unique to yourself.

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Is this a hormonal imbalance?

I am offering a discount on treatments for the following conditions to raise awareness on how systematic kinesiology can help address hormonal imbalances without relying on drugs:

Chronic stress - Female and male hormones - Prostate problems

Thyroid problems - Diabetes and blood sugar imbalances

About systematic kinesiology

Systematic Kinesiology is a complementary therapy that uses muscle testing to access the body’s biochemistry. The assessment on the muscle is based on the ability of the nervous system to control it rather than the power the muscle can produce. Muscle testing is gentle, safe and precise. Systematic Kinesiology treats the whole person to find areas which need to be brought back in balance: structural (bones, muscles, organs), biochemical (finding nutritional needs and food intolerances), mental (emotions that are affecting our wellbeing) and the body’s Energy Meridians.

Kinesiology sessions benefit people looking to restore general physical and mental wellbeing and are often used as a means of support by people with chronic issues that may not have benefited from conventional medicine. Pain such as lower back, shoulder, knee, elbow and wrist that manipulation techniques might have been unable to resolve are looked at in a holistic way as related to potential organ malfunction involvement.

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Aches and pains don’t have to be an inevitable part of your life.

Systematic Kinesiology sessions aim to restore your optimal state of wellbeing.

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What to expect from your sessions

Part of the first session will be spent in gathering information, in order for me to build up a picture of the balance of your structural, nutritional and emotional state. I will be paying attention to any specific symptoms you may have, all aspects will by covered. Systematic Kinesiology is a holistic treatment and through muscle test we are able to identify priorities and address them with the four modalities that are specific to Systematic Kinesiology:

Physical - Our bones, muscles, glands and organs work together to keep our body and its functions working efficiently. If one of them is malfunctioning the whole system is out of balance. Systematic Kinesiology uses targeted massage and gentle techniques to reactivate normal functionality.

Bio-chemical - Nutrient deficiencies and intolerance to foods will be assessed related to what we are looking into. I will test food supplements the body might need to help recover. Water, minerals or protein deficiencies will also be assessed.

Mental - Emotions, thoughts, ideas and subconscious reactions all influence our body chemistry and how we react to stress. We will look for trapped feelings that are negatively affecting your life and use emotional stress release techniques to remove them. Bach remedies may be identified that can help with emotions. Tapping and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) are used together with kinesiology.

Energy - We are not used to thinking of our bodies as energy “devices”. They very much are! Stress, negative feelings and electromagnetic pollution all have the potential to disrupt our energy field. Systematic Kinesiology comprises different techniques to re-establish the energy balance in our bodies.

Patients typically feel a difference after the first session, with more dramatic improvement by the third session. It may take longer, depending on the severity of physical or emotional problems and how long they have been present.

Recovery is also influenced by your ability to follow through with any advice given. I will be guiding you suggesting positive changes that you can fit within your lifestyle: it will be your decision how far you wish to go.

The sessions are normally once a month. Kinesiology is done fully clothed.

Digestion and gut health

Poor gut health increases inflammation which is one of the premises for many chronic health conditions and structural pain, including depression, cognitive decline and arthritis type symptoms. With Systematic Kinesiology we are able to address gut health and achieve a balanced digestive system.

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Hormonal Balance

Our endocrine system is our body engine: a network of glands that secrets hormones into the bloodstream. These glands tell our bodies what to do and when to do it, therefore it is considered to be the very core of our health. How efficiently these glands work for us depends on factors of a different nature. For example continuous stress can debilitate our adrenals and create a cascade effect on all other systems.

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The role of the Immune System

About 80% of your immune system lives in your gastrointestinal tract. The endocrine and immune system crosstalk and multiple immune processes are involved in endocrine diseases. Psychoneuroimmunology has recently recognized the interaction between behaviour, neural and endocrine function, and immune processes.

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Why do we need food supplements?

The nutritional content of our food is declining and unwanted chemicals are often added for fast growing and processing. Supplements are often an essential component of improvement within the treatment.

Using muscle testing Systematic Kinesiology can determine specific supplements needed at the time of the treatment. If you are already taking supplements, please bring them along so we can test them and if appropriate you can avoid unnecessary expenses.

About Me

My name is Marzia Caldirola, I practice Systematic Kinesiology in the Richmond, Twickenham, Kingston and Teddington area. I have trained as a practitioner with the Academy of Systematic Kinesiology and I am always refining my practice learning new complementary techniques that use kinesiology as an investigation and treatment procedure.

I first learned about kinesiology twenty years ago when I was suffering from lower back pain. It started when I was in secondary school and worsened during my university years when I was experiencing stress. I had a range of treatments and no results, the symptoms kept coming back. I then decided to see a chiropractor which at the time was experimenting with kinesiology. I didn't know anything about it but I was fascinated by the one factor that made kinesiology different from all the other therapies: it was accounting for my emotions as an element that contributes to my wellbeing. After each session the pain was gradually improving, so was my ability to manage stress and emotions. The lower back pain that affected me for the fifteen years before was gone after six months of treatments and it never came back.

I decided to learn more about kinesiology and the connection between body symptoms and emotions trapped in our bodies and subconscious. I found it fascinating and revealing.

Several years after, when I was looking for a career change, I started the training to become a kinesiology practitioner and I rediscovered my passion and curiosity, until I finally decided to fully take it on board as my new career.


"Systematic Kinesiology has changed my life and my relationship with myself and others, making me the person I always wanted to be: healthy and balanced! I am amazed every day by this modality the body uses to communicate to us where it needs attention."


I am qualified as a Systematic Kinesiology Practitioner with TASK (The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology).

I am a member of FHT, Federation of Holistic Therapists

I am a member of TASK-UK Network and KA (the Kinesiology Association)

I am a member of Knowlative the international applied and specialised kinesiology community.

I am a walk leader of “Walking for Health”, a charity part of Ramblers UK that promotes walking for keeping healthy.


Initial consultation

£80 (90 minutes)

Subsequent sessions

£75 (75 minutes)

Block of three sessions

£195 (75 minutes each)

There will be the additional cost of any supplements which will be advised during your session.

Credit Card payments accepted.

As KA member, my treatments are covered by Health Shield healthcare insurance.

Kinesiology MOT

Wouldn’t it be great if we could "service" our bodies like we do with cars, finding out any small imbalance within the physical, nutritional, emotional or electrical realms of our health and get it fixed before any major symptom or problem occurred? What if we booked ourselves in for a "service" to boost and support our bodies to function at an even higher level and learn how to maintain optimum health.

With my Kinesiology MOT program you can improve your health, physical energy and mental clarity and maintain them throughout the year. Get tested and treated for imbalances and identify nutritional support to help you feel better.

Single session £75 - Four sessions at six week intervals (75 minutes each) - £250

Food and supplements testing are an integral part of each full Systematic Kinesiology treatment and MOT. These can be performed separately if desired.

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